Private Wealth

Our Investment Capability team’s purpose is to source sophisticated investment strategies that would normally be reserved for institutional investors and make these opportunities available to all of Wilsons Advisory’s clients to maximise achievable returns.

Our services are utilised by family offices, foundations and sophisticated ultra-high net-wealth individuals as these investors actively seek nuanced and sophisticated investment ideas to deliver the best risk adjusted return on their capital.

To originate investment ideas we rely on the extensive research capability of our Investment Strategy group to uncover interesting market thematics and opportunities. Investment Capability then determines the critical drivers that will influence this particular strategy and derives the optimal way to access an investment or portfolio to take advantage of how we see market events unfolding. This is a bespoke and actively managed approach to investing, which in our experience has delivered the greatest results.

To achieve this result it takes conviction and a commitment to explore and interrogate investments from all angles. It also takes resolve and experience to rule out investments which at first glance may appear attractive but on deeper analysis are not in the best interests of our clients.

We only progress investment ideas that we have assessed to have the greatest potential and we actively provide these recommendations to our clients. The Investment Capability team is driven by a genuine conviction and responsibility to uncover the most innovative investment structures that deliver the best performance for our clients.

Invested in you

At Wilsons Advisory we invest time in understanding your ambitions so we can deliver tailored investment strategies and better outcomes for you.

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