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Is the Rally in Clean Energy Investing Sustainable?
Mon 15th February, 2021

Clean energy stocks took off last year, with investors attracted to stocks and commodities associated with renewable energy. In the lead up to the US election, clean energy ETFs rallied, with a Biden win seen as being a key turning point for the global uptake in renewable energy. So, will Biden’s presidency usher in a new dawn for cleaner energy? And can this trend continue over the next decade?

We think that Biden should be a catalyst for a meaningful global pivot towards clean energy. With more countries shifting away from fossil fuels, political pressure from the US on other laggard countries could accelerate the pace of change. From our perspective, we see the green energy pivot as a sustainable megatrend that is likely to be too powerful to ignore, and one that will be investable over the next decade and beyond. To explain our position, we delve into:

  • Whether Biden is well-placed to spark the light for change
  • Explore signs of change globally and whether they’re likely to continue
  • Outline the different ways to invest in clean energy
  • Explain why investors should be thinking long-term

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    Written by

    David Cassidy , Head of Investment Strategy

    David is one of Australia’s leading investment strategists.

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