Introducing the Wilsons client app

20 March 2019

The Wilsons app gives clients access to their investment portfolio, market data and Wilsons’ proprietary research and analysis. This simple step-by-step guide will take you through the key features and help you to get up and running.

Download the Wilsons app for access to:

- A total Portfolio Summary
- Portfolio Valuations
- Asset Allocation breakdown
- Transaction history
- Stock Quotes
- Stock Watchlists
- Company news
- Company dividend history
- Company historical charts
- Index Summary
- Our latest research

Private Portfolio & Investment Partner clients will also have access to:

- Realised & unrealised CGT information
- Income history
- Cash account transactions

1. Installing the app

The Wilsons app is available on iOS and Android for tablet and mobile.

If you are using an Android device (e.g. Samsung, Google phone) click here to go to Google Play and install the app or load the Google Play app on your device and search for Wilsons.

If you are using an iOS device (i.e. iPhone or iPad) click here to go to the App Store and install the app or load the App Store app on your device and search for Wilsons.

2. Signing In

When you become Wilsons client, you are sent instructions on how to sign into our client portal (website). You can use the same username and password to sign into our client app.

If you have any problems signing in, please contact your advisor or nearest office for help:

  • Brisbane: 1300 133 230
  • Sydney: 1300 650 790
  • Melbourne: 1800 355 654

To save your sign in details, switch on 'Remember my credentials' - or if you have an iOS device with a fingerprint scanner, set the app to sign in with 'Touch ID'.

3. The Homescreen

The homescreen displays your latest portfolio balance - you can tap this number to view a more detailed portfolio breakdown. The Highlights section below displays key investment commentary and analysis from our research team - you'll see a blue dot beside any unread articles.

Tap on the three horizontal lines to open the Menu.

4. The Menu

Access all key areas of the app from the menu - build a Watchlist, check the performance of a stock and read the latest insights from our Investment Strategy Group. From here you can also access your Portfolio Summary, go to your alert preferences (via Subscriptions) and contact your Wilsons Advisor directly (via Contact Wilsons).

5. My Portfolio

My Portfolio provides a more detailed view of your Wilsons account - here you can see your portfolio summary, a breakdown of your asset allocation and information on individual stock performance and transactions.

6. Subscriptions

The subscription screen allows you choose what Category, Author or Indices you receive notifications on. Tap the envelope icon to switch on/off notifications by email and the phone icon to switch on/off push notifications to your mobile device. A grey icon indicates the notification is switched off.

7. Contact Wilsons

The Contact Wilsons screen gives you access to your dedicated Wilsons Advisor - tap the phone icon to call their direct line or the envelope icon to send them an email.

8. Tell us what you think

The Wilsons app has been built for you - so we welcome your feedback on how we can improve it. Please email us with your recommendations.